Why Should I Donate and Where?

Why Donate?

We have been here for a while!

insGamer was originally founded in 2014 as East Coast Tactical, then transitioned to the name we have today. Since then we have been specializing soley in the cooperative aspect of gameplay. We know how to make it fun and have fun.

Why do we ask for donations?

Why we ask? So you can keep having fun! insGamer is privately funded by the founders. We love the game just as much as you hopefully do and we will never force a contribution on you of any sort. If you like simply like what we provide around here, want to see it continue to grow, feel free to chip in a few bucks!

Where does your donation go?

100% of your contribution is allocated wisely and effectively for us to continue offering what we have established already in terms of software/hardware infrastructure, along with any future upgrades that we find neccessary to either grow or improve our community in terms of required computing power and performance.

Our Infrastructure

100% Intel Driven = 100% Non-stop Enjoyment

From dedicated game servers, to our FastDL server and even the webserver is all Intel based. insGamer believes in taking no shortcuts when it comes to performance, that is why we have chosen Intel over and over again.

Being a community that operates soley at the current moment with SRCDS (Source Dedicated Server) for our chosen game Insurgency, we are quite aware of the importance of the processor clock speed and performance in the single-threaded world of applications. That is why all of our gaming servers are run on dedicated Intel Quad-core, Hyper-threaded Xeon processors with a clock speed no less than 3.40 GHz.

Solid-state Technology Paired with Low Latency RAM

All of our dedicated gaming servers feature solid-state technology when it comes to our storage choice; with super fast read/write speeds ensuring a seamless gaming environment and transition on even the largest maps.

Continuing the theme of optimization and performance of our servers, we have chosen some of the most reliable low-latency RAM available to match everything else in our machines. Doing so mitigating the chance of any one part of the machine becoming a noticable bottleneck under any stress.

Our Network

All of our dedicated machines for the game servers themselves are located in a New Jersey datacenter. We find that locating ourselves on the central East Coast allows for us to provide a reliable, low latency environment in both the United States and Europe, where a majority of players game from.

With two dedicated machines running our game servers, we have a seperate VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) centrally located in Chicago, Illinois just for our Fast Download service. A Fast Download server (or simply FastDL) is the mothod of transfering maps for direct download to the client/player. We discovered putting it on a seperate instance of a machine, instead of sharing one of the dedicated gaming servers significantly lowers any chance of lag spikes and bypasses any issues with pesky Steam updates, which frequently causes downtime on Steam Workshop.

Contributions & Community

Servers is not all we provide...

In Junuary 2016 - DeltaMike, founder of insGamer was featured for his work on "The Armory" custom theater on NWI's livestream; The Armory is just one of the versions of gameplay we provide on our servers and to the community to use on theirs.