Insurgency: Sandstorm Ready

Over the last few weeks with the release of Insurgency: Sandstorm closing in, I have had many fellow players and gamers of our servers approach me and ask me one of two questions. The two frequently asked questions are, will insGamer be hosting servers for Sandstorm and will there be an Armory modification equivalent also. I can confirm as of today, we have expanded our server network to a third dedicated for Sandstorm, which should easily allow us to allocate enough resources for two servers. As for The Armory modfication being implemented into Sandstorm, all I can release so far is I personally plan on working close with the community of modders to implement new custom weapons and features into Sandstorm in the near future. What exactly weapon and feature wise has not been yet set in stone, but I am really looking forward to the modding capabilities of Unreal Engine 4 and attempting to push it to the limit, just as we did with Source with Insurgency 2014.

Angry Bots Have Gone Old School: World War II Weapons!

Hello fellow players, Just a few weeks ago was the premier of our Angry Bots #5 server, with that opening saw a new type of theatre, World War II weapons. 
So far it has been a huge hit, and our regular players and new comers alike have enjoyed their time on it. We have also, and continually do so, try to bring you more weapons, and more additions on our servers #1 through #4 to keep things new and interesting for all of us. 
With the addition of the medic's slots, we are hoping to push for more of a teamplay style considering how much having the older weapons change the gameplay.  
I would like to thank all of our regular players for keeping it and all of our servers as busy as they have been, helping them rise in the server stats for popularity the way they have and continue to do.

35 Angry Bots Servers Gets New Weapons and Attachments

Today is the release of the latest update to the Armory Expanded: 35 Angry Bots custom theater; as for those who may not know, a theater file is what gives us the ability to have custom weapons. In the newest version of this custom theater, which I unofficially call the "tigg" update, it features several new weapons such as the L85A2 assault rifle, Spectre submachine gun and Glock 17/18C pistols, along with a few others that Steam Workshop community member Tigg generously granted us permission to use from his modification "The Arsenal". Along with his weapons, we're also lucky enough to get access to the proper files needed for our Saiga-12 to have the proper look and feel. Special thanks to Battlestate Games and frombehind for those models and textures.