Prop Spawn server - Instant Favorite

Our most recent server we have added to our list of one's we host is the 35 Angry Bots server with our newest feature implemented, prop spawning. One might wonder how I came to the conclusion to offer prop spawning as the newest feature to come to insGamer servers; simply put, it hadn't been done yet and it was unique on it's own. Medics have been done by Sernix servers and I will respectively leave that to be theirs. I wanted something so everyone in the squad playing could contribute and still keep that battlefield feel. Once the server was launched with it's newest feature, it was an instant hit among insGamer regulars, casual players and people who happened to just hop in. Oh yeah, before ending this news article, would like to say that I have taken all of what you guys have said should be altered and functionality to be added into account. So for more information on this server and others we host click here.